Mountain Laurel and Roses starting at Schoepfle

Our best suggestion for viewing the flowers at Schoepfle Garden is wear your boots.  The ones that are really high up on your legs.  Like most places we have had a wet spring and there are some very wet areas especially in the shade garden if you are viewing the last of the rhododendrons or the mountain laurel.  For drier viewing, we suggest the rose garden where the first blooms are breaking through after a cold winter that required lots of pruning earlier this spring.  Kousa dogwoods are in full bloom and with temperate weather we can see those blooms  last throughout the month.   If you prefer not to wear boots, you can ride the tram on Thursdays 10am – 1pm and Sundays 1-4pm and get a great view of what’s around the garden.

A note to our visitors: Schoepfle Garden and the Friends of the Metro Parks would like to thank you for your patronage at the plant sale in May.  Proceeds from that sale have been directed to the garden to help purchase plants for the mixed border which will be under renovation for the rest of the year.  We apologize that this area will not look its best as we remove plants, reshape and renew the beds and add new plant materials throughout the year; but in the end we hope you will appreciate the efforts in the years to come with better maintained and more vibrant beds of perennials, annuals and woody plants that comprise our mixed border.   Thanks again to you for visiting us and to Friends for the efforts of our volunteers in the plant sale and in assisting with all the various activities at Schoepfle Garden that make it a wonderful place to visit.

mountain laurel 2017

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