Hydrangeas and Daylilies dominate Schoepfle summers

We have a great display of summer flowers from daylilies, hydrangea, hosta and all of our annuals and perennial beds.  Many summer flowers can be fairly low maintenance like daylilies which just require dividing every few years along with regular bed maintenance and removing dead materials.  Hosta can be very similar, a plant you place and forget about as they can thrive with little attention most years.  But hydrangea can be different.  Pruning at the wrong time can leave you without blooms the next season and which ones do I need to buy if I want something other than white?  We answer all these questions and more on Saturday 7/28 at 10am in the Schoepfle Visitor Center.  After the program, everyone is welcome to join us for an 11am garden tour.  Don’t miss out on summer color now, it goes by quickly!

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