Winter Landscape in place at Schoepfle

With the first real snow this year (in the last three years?) blanketing the ground, it is the perfect time to reflect on your winter landscape.  Hopefully you have done some of the prep work to get ready for the season: leaves raked, roses pruned and mulched, dead plant material added to the compost pile.  You should be ready to relax and enjoy your landscape during a season that requires minimal work.   Your enjoyment can be increased by making sure your landscape has year round features that draw interest from man and beast alike.  Trees with fruit or berries, from crabapples to hollies to dogwoods and more, add splashes of color and feed birds and squirrels alike.  Evergreens like taxus, cedars, junipers and hemlocks can add yellow, green and even bluish accents.  Bark with colors and textures or branches that begin with color also add to your visual pleasure.  The winter landscape is ready for you to enjoy at the garden this year.  We are open daily from 8 am to 4:30 pm to see some of the best that winter and nature can offer.  We also have an Evergreen Hike on Saturday December 30th at 11am in case you want to brush up on the difference between a pine and a spruce and a others.


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