Blooms and the Beginning of the Day

Blooming Jade

Blooming Tillandsia

Blooming Lady Slipper Orchid

Buds on a Star of Bethlehem Orchid

The Conservatory and grounds are silent in the stillness of the dawn. Before Miller Nature Preserve opens each day, there is a blanket of silence that drapes across the lawn. No human sounds echo in the morning – only the rustle of swirling leaves and swaying trees break the quiet.

Slowly, the grounds come alive as the Preserve opens. Lights flicker on in quick succession. Seasonal music swells in the background as fountains jump to life with sprays of water. A brisk sweep of a broom can be heard in the background as hoses mist blooming orchids. The plants breathe a sigh of relief as the cool water seeps into their soil.

Watering early in the mornings gives one a chance to really examine the foliage inside the Conservatory. Each plant has it’s own specific set of needs: orchids needs to be gently misted, poinsettias watered, trees trimmed. In the morning light, without distraction, it’s easy to see the new blooms forming on each plant. Many people miss these small wonders as they walk through the displays: look closely while you’re here. Don’t miss the beauty that surrounds you.

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