Autumn Colors throughout Schoepfle; Otto Remembered

img322After a fairly warm October, we have moved into the real autumn weather.  There is color in the leaves and signs of fall are all around.  At Schoepfle Garden, berries and fruit on hollies, crabapples, dogwoods and more not only add color, but provide sustenance for the wildlife you may see in the park.  There is still some color among some late perennials like sedum in the mixed border.  Check us out – our winter hours are in effect 8am – 4:30 pm daily.

Now is also a time we can also reflect on the past season as well as our history.  It is 25 years ago this week that Otto Schoepfle passed away and his legacy was passed onto  the Lorain County Metro Parks.  We celebrate his amazing generosity with a look back at his life on Saturday November 4th at 9:30 am at Schoepfle Garden.  See how Otto came to be the owner of his grandparents’ home and how his love of plants became a beautiful reserve for a wide range of native and exotic plants.  The program includes a tour of the house and garden and is free but we ask you reserve a spot by calling 458-5121 or signing up at


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