The Ghost Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again, when families all across America are adding to their fall festivities with pretty pumpkins. When most people think of pumpkins, the traditional orange gourd comes to mind. It’s seasonal tone sets off other harvest decorations quite nicely. But for those interested in something new and different, the Ghost Pumpkin is an elegant twist on traditional decor.

These pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo) are white-skinned pumpkins that are now gaining appeal for a fresh, new feel for Halloween decorations. There are many different varieties of the pale gourd – Luminas, Caspers, Cotton Candy, or Full Moons – and each has a unique shape and size. Although typically more flat barrelled and with broader ridges, these spooky gourds still have orange-toned flesh on the inside. This makes them glow from the inside even more when carved!

Ghost Pumpkins are a tad more expensive than their orange cohorts, because picking them is tricky. When left on the vine too long, the gourds turn a pale blueish-gray and their fruit becomes less sweet. You can cook with them just as you would any other ripe pumpkin. For decorative purposes, these pale beauties offer an easier canvas to paint on, and when used with red or black really make scary decorations pop!


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