Delightful Dahlias!

Miller Nature Preserve has several breathtaking gardens that help create an atmosphere of relaxation in the natural world. Carefully groomed, the gardens are places of respite and calm for many who visit the Avon conservatory. But one garden that people are particularly fond of is the Dahlia Garden. And currently, it is in full bloom.

The Dahlia Garden at Miller Nature Preserve is sponsored by the Dahlia Society of Ohio. Established in 1930, the Dahlia Society of Ohio is an organization that educates, shares, and presents dahlia information to interested collectors and nature enthusiasts alike. The organization has partnered with Lorain County Metro Parks at Miller Nature Preserve in order to showcase it’s work and dahlia expertise ( ). The Dahlia Society currently maintains the garden itself and does a wonderful job of cultivating the flowers into a rich and bountiful garden of beauty.

Here, a stunning display of long-stemmed blooms climb carefully into the sunlight in the garden. With over thirty different species of dahlias currently known, there is a huge variety of blooms to learn to cultivate. Dahlias vary in bloom size, stem height, and color combinations and are named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. The flowers were first found in the rocky hillsides of Mexico, with their faces reaching up to the sun.

Come visit. The dahlias are waiting for you.


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