Enjoy the Colors of September at Schoepfle

Summer morning with the grasses.jpgWe have entered that in-between time here in September.  It is after Labor Day but before the true start of autumn on the calendar when the temperatures can be warm or cool, when there are still vegetables to be picked but apples and pumpkins are appearing at the farm markets.  We long for the long, warm summer days but look ahead to crisp fall afternoons of football and apple picking and raking leaves.   What to do in this time of transition?  Enjoy it for what it is.  Enjoy the summer perennials like black eyed Susans and coneflower as they mix with sedum and goldenrod.  Appreciate the kousa dogwood fruit and the autumn crocus as forbearers of the season to come but not yet here.  We can relax a while until it is time to rake, divide perennials and prep our yards for winter.  Enjoy each day for what it is and not what it might be.  Join us Saturday Sept. 16th at 9am at Schoepfle Garden for Breakfast in the Garden.  Enjoy donuts, pastries, fruit, juice and coffee before a walking tour of the garden to enjoy the changeover rather than worry about what is to come or regret what has past.  Wear shoes that can take the morning dew and we ask $1 donation for breakfast – join us for the free garden tour at 9:45 if donuts aren’t your thing.  We do ask you pre-register at http://www.metroparks.cc or call 458-5121.


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