November Doesn’t End Outdoor Opportunities

While we have had frosty mornings and the leaf piles are rising higher by the day, there are still a wide variety of natural beauties to observe outside.  At Schoepfle Garden we still have blooms with witch hazel, hardy cyclamen and sedum.  Trees with berries and fruit like the dogwoods, hollies and bittersweet add color and attract the wildlife.

With the leaves off the trees, we can spend more time observing features that may be obscured or part of the background, like branching, bark and tree shapes.  Wildlife may be easier to spot as deer, turkey and other birds once hidden by the foliage can now be caught in fleeting glimpses as they scamper to safety.  Join us Sunday November 20th at 10am for a Turkey Hunt Hike at Schoepfle, the 1st Friday morning each month for a garden tour, the 2nd Saturday each month for a tour of the Schoepfle home and garden tour and watch the Arrowhead and for other programs and hikes at the garden and throughout the Lorain County Metro Parks.

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