Please welcome Thor the Eagle!

The Raptor Center of the Lorain County Metro Parks, located at the Carlisle Visitor Center in LaGrange, is an education facility dedicated to the care and management of non-releasable raptors and other birds of prey. The Raptor Center is also dedicated to educating about and fostering respect for these masters of the skies and their roles in nature.  As wildlife education ambassadors, these birds play a central role in our Raptor Center education programming and special events.

The residents of the center are wild-hatched birds that have sustained permanent injuries, usually resulting from close contact with humans. As a result these birds cannot hunt for their own food or survive in the wild. While we never want to see a wild animal permanently injured to where they are non-releasable, we are happy to provide an excellent home for these creatures.

Thor, Bald EagleOur newest resident, newly named Thor after the Norse god of strength and thunder, is a male bald eagle. He has been at the Back to the Wild wildlife and rehabilitation facility since 2010, when he came in with a broken wing and soft tissue damage he sustained while fledging. Fledging is a process that all birds go through when they learn how to fly, but just like a toddler learning how to walk there can be some falls. Unlike a toddler, a bird falling from up in a tree has the potential for some damaging effects; in this case a permanent wing injury.  Thor has a wing droop that leaves him non-releasable. He was transferred to LCMP in July of 2016.

To support and learn more about this bird or any other residents of the Raptor Center, consider becoming an Adopt-A-Raptor parent – each monetary donation provides the funds to purchase food for the birds, provide medical care, and other needs. In return, you receive more detailed information about the bird of your choice and other gifts as well. You can also attend any of our varied raptor related programming at the Carlisle Visitor Center – check the Arrowhead calendar for more details.

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