Summer Days Continue Growing at Schoepfle

There are still plenty of summer flowers to entice you to visit Schoepfle Garden in the coming weeks.  Cannas are still blooming throughout the park.


Cannas at Schoepfle Garden

Roses and the hosta are ending very good years and there are many seasonal blooms in the mixed border and in the annual beds.  A few early fall blooms have started with the autumn crocus in the back of the garden.


Autumn Crocus

Soon to be joined by many more along with color among the trees and the leaves around the garden.  There is still time to enjoy the children’s garden.  Carousel rides continue on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays 1 -4 pm.  Check out some of this year’s improvements with the our new colors on our flute-a-pillar mimicking the monarch caterpillar’s bands and a new surface in the a-maze-ing piano so those tiny little rocks don’t get everywhere.


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