2015 ROAD TO FREEDOM Underground Railroad Experience Returns!

Join us on Friday 4/10 & Saturday 4/11 at French Creek Reservation for a unique opportunity to face your fears and test your courage!  While playing the role of a pre-Civil War slave travelling the Underground Railroad, you’ll flee from your captors and travel by foot along a wooded path toward the home of the Burrells (Sheffield settlers and known supporters of the abolitionist movement).  Along your journey, you’ll encounter potential friends and foes.  Who will you trust?  Will you find freedom?fugitive

Recommended for those aged 8 years and older, this reenactment role-play event will provide dramatic and emotion-evoking performances fit to leave a lasting impression, blending arts with historical educational content.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

Re-enactments begin promptly at 530, 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30, and 8 pm, starting from French Creek Reservation/Pine Tree Picnic Area’s Shelter #1, located at 4951 French Creek Rd, Sheffield Village, OH  44054.

Seating on the shuttle between sites is limited.  Pre-registration and payment of $5 per person is required by 4/9/15.  Call (440) 458-5121 or CLICK HERE to register online.



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