On Thursday January 30th, Lorain County Metro Parks is offering a FREE Interactive Video Distance Learning (IVDL) program titled “Spy School 101” at 7pm at the Carlisle Visitor Center. During this month’s virtual field trip IVDL program, we will be connecting remotely (similar to Skype®) with the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, whose staff will help us explore the shadow-world of espionage through the unique artifacts and tradecraft that only the Spy Museum can uncover. Visitors will learn about the secret history of history and participate in various activities that will answer the question: Could you be a spy?

The program will begin with an “observe and analyze” exercise in which students will challenge their spy skills. We will then explore different periods of history through the lens of intelligence and espionage using the Museum’s artifacts. After the interactive video portion, visitors can participate in a building-wide clue-based scavenger hunt to piece together a hidden message!

This FREE program will be held at the Carlisle Visitor Center and is open to the general public. The Carlisle Visitor Center is located at 12882 Diagonal Road in LaGrange. For more information, please call Mary at 440-458-5121 or visit the Metro Parks’ website at

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