Voodoo Lily is Blooming

The Voodoo Lily is blooming at the Conservatory at Miller Nature Preserve in Avon.  Plants adapt to attract the animals or insects that will pollinate them, thus forming seeds and ensuring that the plant will continue.  Some plants are pollinated by bees and butterflies and are fragrant during the day.  Plants that are pollinated by bats and moths are fragrant at night.  Some flowers can’t be called “fragrant” at all.  The voodoo lily needs to attract flies to pollinate the flower.  Think of the things that attract flies and you get the idea of the voodoo lily!  This plant only blooms for a short period of time, so if you would like to take a whiff, the conservatory is open daily 10 am – 2 pm with a $2 admission fee.

voodoo lily                             voodoo lily flower


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