French Creek Reservation & Burrell Homestead; Wednesday April 17th, 12:30-2:30 pm.  Encourage your homeschooler aged 8 years and up to learn about our nation’s pre-Civil War history through direct participation in this dramatic and emotion-evoking role-play event!  Students travel by foot on a wooded path meeting potential friends or foes on their way to the Burrell Home, a supposed safe house along the Underground Railroad.  Will they escape and find freedom, or be caught to be sold as slaves to the Deep South?  Join us this April 17th to find out! 

Tools for Learning

  • Pre-Field Trip Activity Packet (Classroom Activities and Teacher Resources)
  • Field Trip – 2 hours duration
    • 30-minute Introductory Program – Underground Railroad
    • Pre- & Post-Activities (to accommodate for offset timing of re-enactment activities)
    • Re-enactment along Trail and at Burrell Home
    • Post-Field Trip Summary & Evaluation

Fee – $3 per student participant, collected at the program

Synopsis – Participants arrive at the Pine Tree Picnic Area before heading out onto the Trail.  Following the dramatic conclusion of the reenactment at the Burrell Home, students board the park bus for transport back to the Pine Tree Picnic Area.

This program is not recommended for children under 8 years old; strollers are prohibited.

Preregistration by 4/16 is required; seating on the bus is limited.  Preregister online or call (440) 458-5121.  For more information about this unique outdoor classroom activity, please contact Aimee at or call (440) 949-5200 ext 225.

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