New Blooms still emerging at Schoepfle

Autumn crocus, Colchicum autumnale, are making their appearance at the garden this Image

week.  These blooms emerge in September though the foliage had sprouted in the spring and died away by early summer.  They are not actually members of the crocus family, but are actually related to lilies.  The flowers seemingly appear from nowhere since the foliage has long been cleared away.  The corms, the swollen stem/bulb-like structure from which the plant grows, has medicinal qualities and is used in the treatment of gout.  We have autumn crocus in several locations in the garden and have a few different cultivars, with colors ranging from light to dark purple and white as well as a double flower variety.  Enjoy them everyday 8am – 8 pm at the garden or join us for a garden tour Wednesdays or Saturdays at 11 am.

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