Learning to swim well as an adult

Although I had taken formal swim lessons at the public pool as a child I never acquired any valuable skills and I never became comfortable being in the water. It had nothing to do with my instructor rather I had a mistrust of the water itself. As I got older I would go swimming with friends and even to the ocean with family while on vacation but I had a very strict policy – if my feet did not touch the bottom when I stood up then I did not feel safe. As a parent I did not want my daughter to share my fears so I was adamant about her taking lessons but I really could not see the need to learn as an adult. While researching how I could be most effective in my community I came across some pretty astounding statistics that prodded me to be brave enough to learn how to swim well so that I could teach the youth that I work with water safety. I signed up for adult swim class at Splash Zone and had my first lesson this past Monday with Monique and 3 other students. The class went great and by the end of our session all 4 of us could float comfortably. Follow me as I update on my progress over the next 5 weeks! And if you have time check out this article http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2008-05-01-swimming-minorities_N.htm.    Floating, LCMP Urban Programmer

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