180 Year Old Bonsai at Miller Nature Preserve

Now on display at Miller Nature Preserve is this 180 YO Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa).  The most remarkable feature about this tree is that no shaping has been done to the tree to create this form.  The specimen was collected from the Black Hills of South Dakota by a contract forester who specializes in bonsai.  The difficult growing conditions and rough weather cause the trees to grow very slowly and in many interesting shapes that are perfect for bonsai. The U.S. Forest Service conducted core samples on vast numbers of pines in the area and found that one inch of trunk diameter equates to around 100 years of age for the tree. The trunk on this tree is approximately 1.8 inches in diameter which means is germinated before the start of the Civil War! To see this and some of the other new bonsai on display, visit the conservatory at Miller Nature Preserve.

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