Kids Fun Run Series Opens on March 11th

AMHERST, OH – The 2018 Kids Fun Run Series opens up on Sunday, March 11th with the “Run for the Rainbow” event at the Hollstein Reservation (Mercy Health & Recreation Center). This is the first of four events this year. Individuals that participate and finish in all four events will receive a medal at the completion of the 4th race. 

The event is designed for participants to run to all seven color stations (located around the outdoor playground) and receive a sticker prior to racing for the finish where the “Pot of Gold” will be full of prizes and a finisher ribbon for each participant.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

11:30am (registration) 12:10pm (Race)

Hollstein Reservation (Mercy Health & Recreation Center)

47160 Hollstein Drive – Amherst, Ohio
440.984.3470 (phone)

Ages 12-under (boys and girls)


Register at OR 440.984.3470 (February 1 – March 11)
Race Day registration starts at 11:30am at Mercy Health & Recreation Center (March 11)

The course is a 1/4 mile race that is well marked with colored stations around the Hollstein Reservation playground.

All participants will receive a finisher ribbon, golden treat, and post-race beverage.

Contact Ryan Ladd (race director) at 440-984-3470 or

Jr. Warrior Dash (Sunday, May 13th)  *REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN* 
Trick-or-Treat on your Feet (Sunday, October 21st) 
Jr. Turkey Trot (Sunday, November 11th)

Kids-Fun-Run-flyer-JAN-2018 (2)

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Thriving With Nutrition

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE breakfast, specifically pancakes. With the addition of Pancakes and the term “Healthy Pancakes” how can this go wrong.

Healthy Pancakes are on Linda Vilagi’s favorites. She made this post-workout meal on Tuesday following her Cardio Kick-Box class. “They are AWESOME. Closest you can get to an unhealthy pancake, only HEALTHY.”

Something unique about this recipe that Linda uses is a blender to mix the ingredients.

Linda gives this a 5-STAR rating.  Try It!


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Indoor Triathlon

Splash Zone will be hosting our 2018 Indoor Triathlon on Sunday, March 4, at 8:00 AM. If you have ever thought of competing in a triathlon then this is a perfect event for you! Participants will test their endurance by swimming for 30 minutes, biking for 30 minutes, and running for 30 minutes.

Pre-registration is required. Cost is $15 for members or $20 for non-members. Register by February 20 and receive a free t-shirt! Call Splash Zone at (440) 774-5059 or online.

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Thriving With Nutrition Blog

Our goal in 2018 is simple “Thrive With Nutrition”.
As a park district we have spent the last few years promoting fitness, however missed one key component to a healthy lifestyle – NUTRITION….and that changes in 2018!
In February we are kicking off this campaign with presentations from Lifesytle Coach, Donna Boucher at the Mercy Health & Recreation Center (February 3rd) and Splash Zone (February 17th).

But the fun doesn’t stop with those presentations. Today we start our first “Thriving with Nutrition” Blog featuring a Recipe of the Week from a Nutrition enthusiast on our team.

We get things started off with Donna’s favorite “Rainbow Crunch Salad”.
This single serving salad is 604 calories and is a menu item for her each week.

“From the first taste i loved it. It was so good that I wished I had others eating with me to enjoy” Boucher stated.

Donna conducts her meal preparation for her weekly menu items on a particular day each week. So since the preparation was already completed, this salad only took her 2-minutes to organize. “Talk about fast food, it was faster than McDonalds” Boucher added.

Donna gives this a 5-STAR rating. Try It!


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Looking for activity for your Teenager?

AMHERST – Are you tired of seeing your teenager playing video games, watching Netflix, or snap chatting with friends this winter? 

Two programs are available for teenagers (ages 12-17) at the Mercy Health & Recreation Center.

Teen (Fitness) Training
A 45-minute group fitness class designed for ages 12-17 to build confidence and conditioning for a healthy lifestyle, social interaction, and/or sport conditioning.  The instructor will use a variety of training techniques (kick-boxing, cycling, Tabata, core training, strength training, and more) in order to build the fitness level up of the participant.

Thursdays (weekly)
$7/non-members OR $4/deluxe members

For More Information
Call 440-984-3470


Teen Night
Teenagers (ages 12-17) invade the Mercy Health & Recreation Center each month (3rd Friday) for a after hours party with swimming, games, music, and PIZZA!Teen-Nights-poster

Friday, February 16th
$5/person (includes Pizza and Beverage)

Future Dates
The program is hosted the 3rd Friday of each month (January – August)

For More Information

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Groundhog Goodies

How much do you know about groundhogs? With Groundhog Day swiftly approaching on February 2, let’s test your knowledge!

How big is the average groundhog? Most groundhogs range in size from 12-15 lbs and average 20″ long. That’s a decent size! They have greyish-brown fur and small ears.

What do groundhogs eat? Groundhogs are vegetarians, and eat a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. They don’t drink a ton of water: in fact, groundhogs get most of their daily water requirement met through plant intake.

What are baby groundhogs called? Baby groundhogs, born typically in the spring, are called a kit or a cub.

How long do groundhogs live? The average life cycle of a groundhog is between 6-8 years.

FUN FACT: Groundhogs can whistle!! They are known to whistle for two reasons: either when they are scared or alarmed, or as a mating call.

Groundhogs are also called by many other names. Some commonly used names are ground squirrel, woodchuck, whistling pig, pasture pig, gopher, and ground squirrel.

(Photo Credit: Reader’s Digest)

Happy Groundhog Day!

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A Sweet Cure for Cabin Fever!

A little over a month from now, the weekend of February 24th/25th (11:30am-3:30pm), Carlisle Reservation’s Maple Sugaring free public programs, hikes, & demonstrations begin!!  Please check-out our current January/February and future March/April Arrowhead program guides for more information on dates(2/24 & 25 and 3/3 & 4), times, locations, activities, and FRIENDS’ Sunday pancake breakfasts.  Our Maple Sugaring annual event is a SWEET cure for Cabin Fever! Photographs from previous seasons. ~CVC Naturalist, Miss Jenn 🙂
“A sap-run is the sweet good-bye of winter. It is the fruit of the equal marriage of the sun and frost.” ~John Burroughs, Signs and Seasons, 1886

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