Easter Party and Dive-In Movie

Join us at Splash Zone on Saturday, April 8, at 5:30 PM for our Annual Easter Party! This fun family event will include crafts, an egg hunt, a visit from the Easter Bunny and a Dive-In Movie of Hop! Pre-registration is required. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Cost is $3.50 per person for members or $5.00 per person for non-members. Call (440) 774-5059 or register online.

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I found a sick/injured/orphaned animal, now what?!

Come spring, comes the return of wildlife to our parks, backyards, and roadways. Consequently, it is that “time of year” when you may come across an animal that appears to need human assistance. Although Lorain County Metro Parks does NOT have the required federal & state permits to accept, rescue, or rehabilitate wildlife, we do have the names & numbers of various licensed wildlife rehabilitators & rehabilitation facilities that -depending on the circumstance- may be able to assist you.  One such place is Lake Erie Nature & Science Center (LENSC) in Bay Village.  Here is a link to LENSC’s ‘Wildlife Rehabilitation’ page if you have any questions about “What to do?” and how to contact their rehabilitators if you come across a sick, injured, or orphaned animal: http://www.lensc.org/wildlife/rehabilitation.htm ~“LENSC has been performing wildlife rehabilitation at no charge to the public since its inception in 1945, and although they cannot pick up or rescue animals, those which can be transported to the Center will receive quality care and hopefully another chance at life in the wild.”  Another great resource is ODNR Division of Wildlife’s ‘Born Wild, Stay Wild’ webpage: http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/species-and-habitats/orphaned-and-injured-wildlife.  The best way that you can help an animal in distress is to get it in the “right licensed rehabilitator hands.” ~CVC Naturalist, Miss Jenn 🙂

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Let’s Do It Again! Glow Volleyball!

Due to popular demand we will be hosting another Glow Volleyball at Splash Zone on Friday, March 24, from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM. So if you missed it last month then you have another chance to play volleyball under black lights with a glow-in-the-dark ball, nets, and lines!

Please note that in order to achieve maximum “glowness” all the lights in the Splash Zone Field House will be turned off and only illuminated by black lights. So come wearing your own glow-in-the-dark clothes, light-up accessories, stand-out makeup and make your black light outfit rock! The admission is only $7.00 per person! All players must be 14 years and older to participate. Players that are between 14-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-registration is required by calling Splash Zone at (440) 774-5059 or going online.

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Kids Fun Run Series Event on March 12

AMHERST, OH – The 2017 Kids Fun Run Series opens up on Sunday, March 12th with the “Run for the Rainbow” event at the Hollstein Reservation (Mercy Health & Recreation Center).

The event is designed for participants to run to all seven color stations (located around the outdoor playground) and receive a sticker prior to racing for the finish where the “Pot of Gold” will be full of prizes and a finisher ribbon for each participant.

Sunday, March 12, 2017
11:30am (registration) 12:10pm (Race)

Hollstein Reservation (Mercy Health & Recreation Center)
47160 Hollstein Drive – Amherst, Ohio
440.984.3470 (phone)

Ages 12-under (boys and girls)

Register at www.metroparks.cc OR 440.984.3470 (March 1 – March 11)
Race Day registration starts at 11:30am at Mercy Health & Recreation Center (March 12)

The course is a 1/4 mile race that is well marked with colored stations around the Hollstein Reservation playground.

All participants will receive a finisher ribbon, golden treat, and post-race beverage.

Contact Ryan Ladd (race director) at 440-984-3470 or rladd@metroparks.cc

Jr. Warrior Dash (May)
Trick-or-Treat on your Feet (October)
Jr. Turkey Trot (November)index

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Pros and Cons of Early Blooms

At Schoepfle Garden I am counting no less than 7 trees and flowers in bloom during the last week of February.  That is uncommon, most years I would expect to have three to four blooms in February – winter aconite, snowdrops, hardy cyclamen and maybe one more.  Lenten Rose is now blooming along with the Japanese Witch Hazel and by day’s end I may be able to add three more shrubs into the mix as the buds were cracking open this morning.  Is this cause for concern?  On the plus side, we have an excellent chance to break out of our cabin fever, get outside and see some signs of spring – something to really energize us. There are bees and other active insects ready to feed on these early blooms after a long winter’s retreat and they in turn provide food for birds and animals.   On the down side, the may be some losses when, probably not if, we return to typical weather.  Luckily, most of the damage is short term.  Flowers may be lost, some very early, tender new growth may be stunted, but in the long run most plants will not suffer long term damage.  It can be a problem for those dependent on the plants for food or income.  Loss of flowers can mean a reduction in fruit and nuts that feed wildlife in the next fall and winter.  It can also mean a loss of fruit like peaches, apples and cherries if the plants blossom too early.  Even our pancakes could suffer as maple syrup production may be cut short as trees bud out and halting sap collection. So in those cases we need to be ready to help out wildlife that may not have as much for winter stores or support the local orchard that is struggling to offer the best produce due to winter losses.  It is too early to tie the last few years into a larger climatic change, but we should be aware of possible short term and long term issues that may arise from too much warmth too soon in the season.  -MK

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Seasons Changing Already at Schoepfle

Signs of Spring are starting to arrive around the garden.  The first greens of spring bulbs are poking through the earth.  The silver maple has budded out, albeit a tad early.  Forsythia buds are starting to swell to let us know that winter’s whites and greys will soon be replaced with greens and yellows and purples and more.


Another sign of spring is the volunteer meeting at Schoepfle Garden.  Every year our volunteers start the year with a brief planning session and overview for the upcoming season.  We welcome new faces interested in volunteering – we can help you join Friends at the meeting – who may want to help around Schoepfle Garden with garden chores, running the gift shop, driving the tram and operating the carousel.  Our meeting is Saturday February 18th at 11:am- a potluck lunch follows.  For more details, call Matt at 440-965-7237 or mkocsis@metroparks.cc

We are also celebrating Otto Schoepfle’s 107th birthday with an overview of his life in pictures and a tour of his home and grounds.  Life of Otto is on Thursday February 23rd at 9:30am – it is free but pre-registration is requested.


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Carlisle Reservation’s Maple Sugaring Program!

sap-dripping-into-bucket-one“A sap-run is the sweet good-bye of winter. It is the fruit of the equal marriage of the sun and frost.” ~John Burroughs, Signs and Seasons, 1886

In two weeks (on February 25th) Carlisle Reservation’s weekend ‘Maple Sugaring’ public program begins (2/25 & 26th, 3/4 & 5th, 11:30am-3:30pm; located in & around the Carlisle Visitor Center)!!  FREE, educational & engaging FUN for the whole family!  Please check-out our current January/February and future March/April Arrowhead program guides for more information on the demonstrations, activities, and pancake breakfasts.  Our Maple Sugaring annual event is a SWEET cure for Cabin Fever!  Photograph from previous seasons. ~CVC Naturalist, Miss Jenn 🙂



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