Daylilies paint Schoepfle Garden with color

The arrival of daylily blooms signals the real start of summer at Schoepfle Garden.  The majority of the daylilies are in the two rows along the kousa dogwoods at the southern end of the main path.  There are 48 varieties that form the walls of this walkway, down from more than 60 that Otto had originally planted but removed ones too similar to others to keep the display fresh.  The reds, yellows and oranges go right along the summer sun warmth.  Also in the garden in bloom are perennials like astilbe, verbascum, hosta and of course the roses remain a highlight of your walk.


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Looking for that special birthday, anniversary, thank you, or congratulations gift?  A cool, unique gift that keeps-on-giving is becoming an Adopt-A-Raptor Parent!  Our Adopt-A-Raptor monetary donation program contributes to the ongoing, quality care of our ten Raptor Center residents and ambassadors.  The funds raised through this program are used towards providing medical care, food, exhibit maintenance, and cleaning supplies.  A huge, appreciative THANK YOU to all of our past, present, and soon-to-be AAR Parents! AAR forms can be found on our website and around the Carlisle Visitor Center.  Pictured here is Oliver, one of our two male barred owls.  ~CVC Naturalist, Miss Jenn 🙂



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Celebrate National Pollinator Week!

DID YOU KNOW that an estimated 1/3 of all food & beverages are delivered by pollinators! Almost 90% of all flowering plants rely on animal pollinators for fertilization and about 200,000 species (e.g. bees & wasps, butterflies & moths, beetles & ants, bats & hummingbirds, etc.) of animals act as pollinators. Worldwide, approximately 1,000 plants grown for food, beverages, fibers, spices, and medicines need to be pollinated by animals in order to produce the goods on which we depend. Foods & beverages produced with the help of pollinators include: apples, blueberries, chocolate, coffee, melons, peaches, pumpkins, vanilla, almonds, and tequila. Pollinators are often keystone species, meaning that they are critical to an ecosystem. The work of pollinators ensures full harvests of crops and contributes to healthy plants everywhere!
Furthermore, ten years ago, the U.S. Senate’s unanimous approval and designation of a week in June as National Pollinator Week marked a necessary step toward addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations. ‘Pollinator Week’ has now grown into an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, moths, bats, etc. The Pollinator Partnership is proud to announce that June 19-25, 2017 has been designated National Pollinator Week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of the Interior. For more information on the biology & ecology of pollinators, pollinator-friendly gardens, and pollinator I.D. sheets, activities, & recipes, please visit the Pollinator Partnership and the Xerces Society’s websites, as well as Carlisle Reservation’s ‘Wildlife Observation Area’.  Also, check-out our MAY/JUNE Arrowhead public programs guide for upcoming pollinator-themed programs!                   Thank you, ~CVC Naturalist Miss Jenn 🙂

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Splash Zone Outdoor Pool Schedule

Splash Zone’s Outdoor Pool and Water Slides are open daily from 12:00 PM – 7:45 PM from June 2-August 13. The Outdoor Pool will then remain open from August 14-20 from 4:00-7:45 PM. Daily admission is $7 per person. Call (440) 774-5059 for more information.

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Healthy Family, Healthy Summer! Nutrition & Cooking Class

Join us at Splash Zone on Sunday, July 9, from 3:00-5:00 PM for a Nutrition & Cooking Class! Learn the keys to good nutrition through an in-depth nutrition course!Get tips on how to get kids to eat healthy, and involve them in the process! Receive a printed copy of Lori & Jon’s cookbook, including details on ingredients, healthy substitutions, and lots of cooking tips!

During the course the following delicious food will be made and available for the class to eat:
-Dark Cherry Almond Smoothie
-BBQ Bean Tacos w/Pineapple Salsa
-Sinless Chocolate Peanut-Almond Cups
-Guiltless Mac-N-Cheese
-Massaged Kale Salad w/Apples and Pecans
-Tempeh Sloppy Joes

The class will be instructed by Lori DePietro-Standen and Jon Standen. Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Lori DePietro-Standen has been in the wellness industry for over 15 years creating healthy recipes for her clients and guiding them into weight loss and healthy lifestyle change. Her husband, classically trained Executive Chef Jon Standen, worked for 6 years under Michael Symon and now heads the exclusive Columbia Hills Golf & Swim Club – home club of the Cleveland Browns. Together they have created a collection of amazing, simple, and healthy recipes that are sure to be the new “go-tos” for you and your family! For more information call (440) 774-5059. Register online at



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Pirate Fun at Schoepfle Garden Saturday

Ahoy Matey!  Set sail for Schoepfle Garden on Saturday June 17th 1-3 pm for our Pirate Garden Party!  Play pirate games and join a treasure hunt for prizes, make your own pirate hat, ride the carousel and more!  Kids of all ages are encouraged to wear your best pirate garb and prepare to walk the plank! Best of all, its free to attend – see you there!

pirate day


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Help, I found a fawn by itself, now what?!

Understandably so, people often mistake fawns to be “orphaned” because the mother typically leaves them alone in daytime, feeding the young as-needed.  Foraging in a location separate from the fawn helps both animals hide from predators & people more effectively.  The camouflaged, scentless fawn lies perfectly still and blends into the surroundings (see photo below of one spotted at Carlisle Reservation last month) until the mother returns in the evening.  Often the fawn may be seen in the same spot for several days until the mother decides to lead the fawn to a new hiding place.

A fawn resting quietly does NOT need to be rescued by humans.  A fawn that is crying, walking around or walking up to people, shows signs of injury, or is covered by flies is a fawn in distress and is probably orphaned.  Never give a fawn cow’s milk, or formulas intended for human infants, puppies, kittens, etc., as these products can cause gastric distress and diarrhea.  As of 2009, it is illegal in the state of Ohio to rehabilitate white-tailed deer, including orphansPlease leave fawns where they were found for all attempts at re-uniting.  If re-uniting fails or there is confirmation of a dead mother, please call the Ohio Wildlife Center’s Hospital at (614) 793-9453 for further assistance.  ~CVC Naturalist Miss Jenn 🙂


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